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Which Stethoscope is right for me?

Choosing the right stethoscope to suit your own personal needs is key when deciding on which stethoscope to buy.

There are a wide range of models tailored to all skill levels, styles and budgets.

The Littmann Classic II SE has long been considered the standard within the medical industry.

However, there are plenty of other stethoscopes out there which are just as good, if not better, and that may suit your needs better.

Take a look at our comparison chart below to decide for yourself!


Littmann Classic II SE

Welch Allyn Professional Adult

Sprague Rappaport Type

Main Uses

Physical Assessment & Diagnosis

Physical Assessment & Diagnosis

Physical Assessment & Diagnosis

Chestpiece Design

Stainless Steel Double Head

Stainless Steel Double Head

Chrome Plated Double Head

Diaphragm Details

Tunable Diaphragm 4.4cm

Flat Diaphragm

Flat Diaphragm
Child & Adult sizes

Type of Tubing

Single Lumen

Single Lumen

Dual Lumen

Standard Length

28 inches / 71cm

28 inches / 71cm

22 inches / 55.9cm


3 years

5 years

1 year

Price (inc VAT)




It is very easy to get carried away and think you must get a really expensive Cardiology stethoscope while you're still studying.

Whilst you're still learning how to decipher lung sounds and hear heart murmurs, any one of the stethoscopes above is perfect.

They will last you all the way through training and in to your junior Doctor years and beyond.

If you want to get some independent advice for comparison, check out A Comparison of Stethoscopes for some more information.


But remember, the best stethoscope is actually between your ears!